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Tooth Loss - Solved by Teeth in a Day

In certain situations, patients require a tooth replacement procedure. One such procedure is a dental implant. Teeth in a Day is an advanced arch dental implant which includes the removal of diseased teeth, placement of implants, and the positioning of temporary teeth. Everything is accomplished in just one visit. After a few months, the temporary teeth are replaced by permanent artificial teeth. This procedure makes a huge difference for patients who have had a difficult time coping with their dental problems. If you want to know more about Teeth in a Day, visit Dallas Oral Surgery Associates. Our professionals will be more than happy to help you.

How it Works

Teeth in a Day dental implants are ideal since they feel very similar to natural teeth. The artificial teeth can serve as a root substitute and are surgically placed. A bridge or crown made of durable titanium metal is positioned on top and, over time, fuses to the jawbone. This procedure can be performed for a single tooth or a set of teeth. It is suitable for individuals with long-term dental issues or those with deteriorating teeth. Proper medical guidance and a consultation is required before opting for this procedure.

Preparation Before the Process

While the procedure itself may be performed in a day for most patients, extensive dental examination and medical history analysis is required beforehand. This may include digital scans of the oral cavity, 3D x-rays, and more. Your oral health history will be assessed prior to undergoing the implant process. These exams and medical records are necessary to find out about any underlying medical condition or ailment which may interfere with post-surgery healing.

Recovery Factors

After the implant process is completed, patients need to maintain good oral hygiene and make periodic visits to the clinic for professional cleanings. It will take time to heal completely. The restorative phase begins after the area has healed, which may take up to six months. Of course, the exact length of time depends upon the condition of the patient’s teeth and how long it takes for them to recover.

Customizations May Be Necessary

Each individual undergoing the procedure has varying conditions of oral health. Because of this, specific customizations in surgical protocols may occur. The time needed for the implant to fuse with the jawbone may differ from one person to another as well. It should be noted for those undergoing the full arch procedure, less time is required.

What Are the Advantages?

The main advantage of opting for the Teeth in a Day procedure is there are fewer complications and less frequent visits necessary. Patients will not forgo tooth functionality when they opt for the Teeth in a Day procedure because their facial shape is retained, and they will have no dietary restrictions. Additionally, speech functionality will not be affected either. A temporary prosthetic offers an extra layer of protection while the implant fuses with the jawbone.

There is no need to cope with your dental problems any longer. Would you like to find more details about our Teeth in a Day package? Feel free to get in touch with Dallas Oral Surgery Associates. Visit us or call us at 214-363-9946 to book an appointment, and our team will be sure to give you the best possible care for your oral health.

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