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Timeline for Jaw Surgery

woman talking to Dr. GannonOrthognathic (jaw) surgery is needed when jaws do not align correctly and/or teeth do not fit well within the jaw structure. Orthodontic treatment straightens teeth and may correct bite problems if only the teeth are involved. Corrective jaw surgery is required if the jaws need re-positioning as well. This type of oral surgery can optimize the alignment of teeth and jaws for an attractive, fully functional and comfortable dental-facial relationship.

You May Benefit from Orthognathic Surgery if You Have:

•  Difficulty when you chew, bite, or swallow
•  Speech problems
•  Chronic jaw or temporomandibular joint pain
•  An open bite
•  A jaw that protrudes
•  Problems breathing
•  A recessive, or small, jaw

Treatment Timeline

The timeline for jaw surgery may take 6 months to 2 years to complete and depends on each patient’s unique circumstances. We understand this represents a considerable time commitment for you. From beginning to end, we’ll be in communication with your general dentist and/or orthodontist to coordinate treatment. You can also expect to receive frequent updates from our office regarding insurance updates.

Here’s What You Can Expect When You Begin the Jaw Surgery Process:

•  Patient screening and insurance benefits review
•  Initial consultation and records
•  Predetermination and precertification
•  Review of records by insurance company (may take 2 weeks to 4 months)
•  Determination received from insurance company
•  Orthodontic treatment begins (this steps lasts approximately 1 year)
•  Orthognathic surgery performed
•  Orthodontic treatment continues (approximately 6 months)

Insurance Considerations

Insurance may not cover orthognathic surgery. In these instances, we offer financing through CareCredit to help you pay for your jaw surgery on a monthly payment plan. Please be sure to contact us immediately if your insurance carrier or benefits change. If a change occurs once the predetermination and precertification processes are completed, we must begin the processes again with your new insurance company.

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