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Dallas - Walnut Hill Office Testimonials

We know our patients want to make sure they are in good hands, and we couldn't agree more. That's why it's important to read first-hand testimonials from happy patients of Dallas Oral Surgery Associates.

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If anyone is in need of first class, impeccable oral surgery care in the Dallas area then this is the facility for you. I was referred by an endodontist specialist after discovering that my tooth with a root canal had cracked in half and was not salvageable, so he recommended I get an implant and highly recommended getting it done at Dallas Oral Surgery Associates.

I will tell that everything from their dental insurance handling when the appointment was made, to the front desk, to the professional staff that assisted Dr. John Gannon (which is a great oral surgeon, btw) during my surgery was just impeccable and professional service throughout. They treat you so well here and they are so thorough in explaining every aspect of the surgery and its risks so that there are no or little questions to be answered. They are very detailed and thoughtful in their process. The technician that prepped my arm for the IV was great!! The anesthesiologist was also great, she has to be ;) Their patient rooms are very clean and tidy and have start of the art equipment.

I honestly can't say enough about the experience that I had so far with Dallas Oral Surgery Associates and I look forward to my two follows ups to come. As far as my recovery, I can say that I am healing really well, so far no complications. If your insurance covers this facility, I would recommend getting seen here, you won't regret it.


Cannot recommend Dr. Wallace and his team enough. He came so highly recommended from my mom that I decided to fly home for the surgery so he could do it and I was not disappointed. Other oral surgeons were going to take months to do the bone graft and then the implant but Dr. Wallace was able to do that in the same visit. Admittedly, I am also a very difficult patient so I did not follow his advice and was on a plane to Disney World that afternoon with 0 complications! It's been almost 2 years since he did the initial implant and I find myself needing another one so I am flying home yet again to ensure it's done by the best. I have even had one dentist and another oral surgeon comment on how good his work was when looking at my x-rays.


I took my 15-year-old son to see Dr. Gannon for wisdom teeth removal, as they had already cut through the gums and were hurting him. The consultation took a little longer than expected, but Dr. Gannon took his time in making sure we understood the procedure and explained a new procedure they do using protein rich plasma to help increase healing. We made an appointment for the extraction before we left. On the day of the procedure everyone was very nice and professional. The procedure didn't take very long at all. We were given the doctors private cell phone number in case we needed to speak with him. Jaden's recovery was amazing! We iced every 20 minutes the first day and he was eating solid foods 2 days later. He never did swell or bruise. I highly recommend Dr. Gannon!


Dr. Wallace and staff at Dallas Oral Surgery are exceptional. Everyone I encountered was courteous and friendly! They even had matching costumes for Halloween...imposing the famous "Where's Waldo?", instead we were to look for Dr, Wallace. Well, I found him and he was definitely a joy to meet. Dr. Wallace is very personable and he "keeps it real" which I like. The staff were very knowledgeable of treatment options and what to expect during future visits. Dr. Wallace and the implant specialist (forgot her name, but she was great...SUPER SWEET) answered all of my MANY MANY questions. Considering everything that I need to get done they eased my anxiety, ensured me that I would be in good hands and would work
with me and my general dentist to come up with a manageable treatment plan.

Thanks again Dallas Oral Surgery!

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