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Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics (AOOTM)

graphic of crooked teethAccelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics™, or AOO™ for short, increases tooth movement up to 4 times faster and reduces orthodontic treatment by 3 to 8 months, in most cases. The patented procedure combines proven techniques in orthodontics and oral surgery. By addressing the bone that supports the teeth, and not simply the teeth themselves, AOO™ provides rapid results for patients who wear braces.

AOO™ is recommended for orthodontic patients of all ages who have all of their permanent teeth.

How does AOO™ Work?

The secret involves utilizing the power of living bone. During the AOO™ procedure, the oral surgeon makes small incisions in the bone that supports the teeth and scores the bone to remove a tiny portion.

The act of scoring the bone decreases its mineral content, which makes the bone softer. This enables teeth to move quickly through bone into their ideal position. Approximately 20 to 55 days following the AOO™ procedure, bone tissue begins to produce calcium and hardens to its original state. Bone tissue becomes as strong as before the procedure, and teeth are well on their way to an esthetically pleasing arrangement.

Dr. Gannon, Dr. Lee, Dr. Sherry, or Dr. Wallace perform this outpatient oral surgery procedure in the surgical suite at Dallas Oral Surgery Associates.

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